Dead Secrets of Ultima Thule

The Escape

Tsathoggus' Malice Part I

Realizing the dire straits in which you found yourselves, action quickly followed. Summoning his strength, Thorstein broke the chains from the cell wall and quickly went about liberating the monk and Kamarri. Using her esoteric training, the monk was able to keep the guards from noticing what transpired while Kamarri deftly picked the lock on the cell door. The Fates of Ultima Thule are cruel, however, and a misplaced dart gave the party away. More guards were summoned, and things escalated quickly. Swarmed by their captors, the party sprung into action to save themselves and ensure their freedom. A lack of weaponry made for a difficult time. By the time the party had re-equipped itself and smote five guards, one of their assailants had run off for reinforcements. With little break, the party was assaulted yet again by agents of the Lord Marshal.

Dispatching your foes, you quickly moved through the rest of the keep clearing out the remaining guards in the towers. One was executed with great cunning, while the other was able to grievously injure Thorstein. Taking time to patch your wounds, you attempted to ascertain the frequency and strength of the patrols in the courtyard between the gate and the keep. A mere seventy feet stretched out in front of you as a vast abyssal gulf. Your means of escape were less clear than they were in the dungeon. Before a decisions could be made, the Lord Marshal (whom men identified as Patroclus) took you unawares. This was not the eery, green-pallored “Patroclus” who had hired you to kill Prince Marius. Instead, before you stood a tall, dark-skinned man of noble aspect and athletic physique. A deft sword stoke and overwhelming forces left the party reeling. Rallying, you made short work of dog and guard. Patroclus found himself mortally wounded and disarmed.

In his last moments, the Lord Marshal of Ashkelon revealed that the man the party sought was in fact Shar Eil: Marius’ former vizier and priest of the haunting cult of the dreaded Tsathoggus. Partoclus explained that Shar Eil had fallen into disfavor among the court after the passage of Marius’ impiety laws. Further, Shar Eil blamed Patroclus for the investigation that revealed his sorcery to the royal court of Ashkelon. Patroclus revealed that a secret entrance into the catacombs beneath Ashkelon could be found in the guards’ chamber in the keep’s dungeon but promised the party would never make it out of the city alive. After granting Patroclus a merciful death, the party absconded to catacombs.


Exciting. Hopefully the catacombs are more forgiving than the palace!

The Escape

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