Dead Secrets of Ultima Thule

Aboard the Scorpion

Corsairs of the Searing Coast

A fortnight is spent among the corsairs of the Scarlet Wave. During this time Chayya and Thorstein to know Captain Cofresi and the stoic Salih. Assigned to various tasks aboard The Scorpion, time passes relatively quickly. Several raids on cargo ships and the occasional military vessel transpire, but you are never brought along. It is clear that you need to earn the captains trust, Eventually, the captain invited Chayya and Thorstein individually to dine with her. Each was told they would be take ashore on the next outing. Thorstein is to be employed as a bodyguard and Chayya as an enforcer.

Meanwhile, Kamarri lingered in the brig of the ship. Time moved slowly as he was fed infrequently but well..While the others worked above deck, Kamarri was left to contemplate his fate, One day, he was released, cleaned up, and seated before the captain at a lavish, private meal. Captain Cofresi explained the crippling nature of the loss of Ashkelon, and employed Kamarri to find a new buyer for the captain’s most dangerous and lucrative score to date: The Ring of Khorala: one of the crown jewels of Beregor.



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